Temple History

The Archeology survey department had under-taken the study of the stone & masonry & declared that the age of this temple is more than (800 years) .It is also learnt from the experiments that, the Kempegowda Gopuras (towers) were built in the four corners of the city keeping the Sri Dharmarayaswamy Temple vimanagopura kalasa as a centre point. It is Ulsoor tower in the North-East, The Bellary Road Tower in the North-West, The Lalbagh Tower in the South-East, The Gavipura Tower in the South-West to the temple, which gives more intensive relations to the Kempegowda's developmental works. The temple records reveals that Sri.Immudi Krishna raja Wodeyar of Mysore visited the temple in 1811 AD to confirm himself the fame & real truth of "Karagashaktyotsava" since it was famous as the Mysore Dasara even in abroads , The King brought two sharpned swords & presented to the temple to perform "Aluguseva" with these swords to test whether the aluguseva is true or not. The veerakumaras of the temple accepted the alugu & perform the aluguseva. The two Swords were broken into pieces when the veerakumaras offered aluguseva to godess. The king was surprised & surrendered to the godess "Adhishakthi Droupadhi Devi" . After this incidence it had given to understand that King's sick mother was recovered from the decease & king had peaceful & prosperous life. The king was happy & donated huge property in the form of land & jewels & taken the management of the temple to his administration. This was continued till Independence. The Dharmadharshy's comittee managed the temple in the name of "Maharaja of Mysore. After independence under union government this temple was taken to muzurai department with special commnity privileges. Presently this temple is the oldest temple dating back to 1200BC in the muzurai records & maintained by muzurai department through Vyavasthapana samithi (managing committee). This committee will be nominated once in three years. On the records this is the richest institution having thousands of acres cultivable lands, which is now not in control of temple due to various reasons as for the records collected 86 acres of land in H.A.L 2nd stage , Doopanahalli village taken over for the formation of residential layouts by B.D.A. About 69 acres of Hongasandra village Bangalore south taluk were in dispute. About 42 acres in Neelasandra village are in action to take back in position, still huge properties of the temple is yet to collect . The comittee is making its effort 7 succeeded winning the cases in the High court & Supreme court on a piece of 15 acres & 12 Guntas at sy.no 79 of Neelasndra & 15 acres 30 guntas at sy.no 33 of Hongasandra village Bangalore south taluk. The comittee eagerly waiting to get remaining land to the temple with the co-operation of the community, devotees & the govt. , in the intrest of protecting and developing temple properties. More than the historical references and its backgrounds , the practices followed by the temple are very ancient , The karagashaktyutsava refering to the krutha yuga practice of Shaktha Pantha and this place is referred as Kalyanapuri which is quoted in puranas. The sthothras are in Aravu language which is in practice of society prior to historical period. On the basis of this we can say that , this is an Oldest & Ancient Temple. "

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About Karaga Festival

Mysore Dasara and Bengaluru Karaga are the world famous festival of Karnataka. The Bengaluru Karaga is the festival of Vanhikula Kshathriyas (Thigala) community schedule to perform on Chaitra Poornima day of every year. This is the festival of Adhishakthi Droupadi . The literary meaning of Karaga is expanded and explained as Ka-Ra-Ga. The Ka= Kailli Muttade (without touching by hand) Ra= Rundadalli Dharisi(bearing on the head) Ga= Ghatisuvudu/Chalisuvudu (moving around) The total meaning of Karaga is bearing the diety on the head without touching by hand and moving around... ( Actual meaning of Karaga is Hidden due to varisous reason ) It is believed that Godess Adhishakthi Droupadi will come down from heven to the earth and stay for three days with the community people . In this connection the community will perform vratha for 11 days in a year from the day of Chaitra Shrashti to 11 days The details of vratha is given below.. 1st Day- Dwajarohana :The vratha starts with Dwajarohana on chaitra shrashti day. The Kula Gowda (Community chief) , Dasaiah, Kolkara(Sevak) & Veerakumaras Bring to the temple the Krathas like Ganachari, Gante poojari , Karaga Poojari & Potharaja Poojari (different Priest) to the temple. The Kula purohita (Chief priest) performs Shuddi Karya (punyaha)for the temple followed by the Utsava of Arjuns & Droupadi along with the Dwajha. After that th devotees of Jaraganahalli offer a Bamboo pole having 48 shoots to the temple as a tradition.The Kula Purohita perform abhisheka, Shanthi pooja & Dwajharohana along with the karaga poojari in the Brahmi Muhurtha. After dwajharohana temple krathas Chaakaridharas, Veerakumaras gets into deeksha by wearing Kankana & the sacred thread ,by this vratha commences."

"Shuddhi Karya- Thirtha snana (Holi bath) on the eve of shakthi aaradhane and to recieve Adhishakthi to this Holy Earth , it is customary to make eternal shuddhi,shanthi. For this purpose shuddhi karya & thirtha snana will take place in 9 direction of the city from the 2nd day of dwajaarohana. The thirtha snana will take place along with Thrishula, Bhandara,Chati, Kalasha,GhanteDhamaruga, Manthradhanda&Baku, Karaga Poojari, Gante Poojari, chatri Chamara, Nadaswara &Banka Dasiah. It is Believed that the Potharaja Poojari With Thrishula, the sound of Banka / Bugule,The power of Bhandara,Chati & Kalasha Will clear all evil forces on the Earth. After reaching the specific place the shuddi karya takes place. The Karaga Poojari will take holy bath& perform pooja, by praying Godess to keep away evil forces from the holy place. The similar performances will be conducted on all the 8th Thirtha snana places is as follows: North-east: Shakthi peetha(Sampangi tank) East: Yellamma temple of s.r.nagar South-east: Muneshwara temple of sudhamnagar(Hoovina Thota) South:Mariswamy mutt at Dandupalya(Kalisipalya) South-west:Gavipura Guttahalli-Gavigangadhareshwara temple West: Shakthi Ganesha temple(S.K.R Market) North-west: Annamma temple at (Kalyanapuri near Darmambudi Kere)-Mejestic. by this Ashtadikbandhana is performed to prevent Devil&Evil forces for this holy place..

AARATHI UTSAVA: On the sixth day of the Karaga festival ,That is on Ekadhashi, Aarithi Utsava will be conducted. The ladies of the comminity prepare the aarathi with rice floor & decorates it with flowers to perform pooja. By the evening 6-pm four batches of seva karthas will move in four directions and recieve pooja from the comminity. Each group will have "Kontha", "Gante", "Panju",& Nadaswara. After performing aarathi pooja at home, they will bring the arathis to the temple. "

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7th Day Of Festival

After assembling in the temple, the aarathis will go for "Pradakshina" of the temple at 3am, on the 7th day this procession will will be led by the "garadi children" showing their Heroic talents like: 'Kathi Varse' , Kombu Varse, Musti Yuddha etc..After this procession ,the maha Mangalarathi will be held in the temple by arround 6am. On the 7th day i.e on Thryodashi after theertha snana ,The Durga poojari will conduct the 'Dheeksha Pradhana Yagna' the 'Kulagowdas & Ganachari introduce the intrested youths of the community who seek 'Dheeksha'. The Durga poojari performs the 'Yagna'< The God of Fire> with mantra patana.People who take Dheeksha will be taught in 'Alagu Seva' & the principle is followed. On the same day at 7:30pm the main chariot 'Kalashas' are purified through shuddhi and shanti kriya by Kula Purohita. After this , The 'Kankana' ,'Mudupu' &'Pavithra Dhara' The Sacred Thread, tied to the north-east corner pole of the Chariot,followed by placement of kalashas,chatri,&Dwajha on top of the chariot. After this the decoration of the Chariot will take place which will be ready by "Chaitra Poornima" day. After Kalasha Prathistapana The 'Karaga poojari', Gante Poojari', Ganachari, Potharaju poojari, Chakaridara, & Veerakumaras offer Bali or Gavoo Anna: Turmeric Cooked Rice to Astadikpalakas in the 8 directions to help & co-operate in "Karaga Shaktyutsava". This process will be held for further two days.

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Hasi Karaga/ Hovina Karaga

HASI KARAGA: The same team will move to the Karagada Kunte at 10:00 pm. The very important of the Karaga Shaktyutsava Vratha will takes place from here onwards. The Krathas of the Utsava will offer the prayer and manthrapatana to absorb power from the Godess Adhishakthi at karagada kunte.From there they will proceed to shakthipeetha .(The process of devatha kainkarya's are very sacred and secret are not made known to others) .

The Shakthipeeta situated in the Sampangi tank bed area where Poorvaacharyas installed chakra and made peeta after performing Yagna and shanthi Homas. This peeta withstands the power and also attract the devotees during the time of karagashakthi aradhana moves towards the temple during this period the Veerakumaras will resume the kankana deeksha power from kula purohit and get blessings from krathas. The potharaja poojari offer Gandha to all veerakumaras and devotees and Kula gowda offer garlands to all krathas, chakridharas, veerakumaras & devotees..

"The Karpoora or Camphor burnt in the Kana -sacred place as mark of sacrifice to deity (since Droupadhi born from fire) In the specific time the power swings around this area, Then the veerakumaras start chanting "Govinda Govinda..."and offer Alaguseva(Passing the sword on their chest) by chanting DIK-DE..DIK-DE,Mantra, The same time the banka(long Bugal) will make big sound. All these activities make the power waves to move forcibally around this sacred place. The poojari enters the shakthipeeta to join with krathas, The forced waves of power makes the priest to resume divine power.

This is the powerfull and wonderfull sight to see the Karaga holding Mantradhanda and the Karaha in the left hand and Baku in the right hand. The poojari is covered by Jasmine flowered Ragade( Flower bunch covered from forehead to complete back portion feet) will inspire the devotees to fall in deep Bhakthi. It is an experience that, even the meteriolists(Nasthika) will also become Asthika an d recpect the power of the shakthi. Soon after this the krathas will make way tostart sanchara from shakthipeeta to Temple through shakthisthala( YelusuthinaKote) in the Bengaluru Mahanagara Palaike Premises. It is a Fact that The Adhishakthi is known as a combined power of srushti(Creation),sthithi(Maintain)& Laya(Destruction) while moving we will recognise these observations. The krathas will give timely advice to the veerakumaras to make the way clear. They will follow 'Hasi Karaga' by chanting Govinda-Govinda, when make her way slow immidiately they will start Alaguseva by chanting Halll-Hallow-De- Dik-De mantra.When shakthi movement raises with force in the crowd of devotees the krathas will start Natya mantras and make the priest to follow the steps to Gante-Nadha to bring her force to normal . After taking pooja at yelusuthina kote , The Hasi Karaga will put a break for a while and sit in a "Veera Mandi" position, the veerakumaras will offer Alaguseva and the devotees pray lord Krishna and by chanting Govinda- Govinda nama in all the three places and it appears the Alaguseva of the Veerakumaras and the prayers of the devotees is to please the shakthi movement to move towards the Temple.

The Hasi Karaga will be placed at the centre of Garbha Gruha(Sanctorium). This is the important and sacred uthsava and believed that Adhishakthi Droupadhi live in this Sacred/ Holy Place in the form of "HasiKaraga". The Chaitra shudda chaturdhashi after regular poojaadi Kainkaryas the ladies of the community will assemble and make Pongal Prasada to offer Adhishakthi Droupadhi Devi. In the Mid night 1'o clock the Uthsava Krathas assemble in the temple Gantepoojari and his family members start Bharatha Purana Kathana apprising the powers of Droupadhi Devi. After purana kathana during Arunodhaya the Pongal seva pooja will be offered to Adhishakthi Droupadhi Devi. This Uthsava will be dominated by ladies . They believe that Godess Droupadhi Will be pleased for their seva and bless them & their family.

HUVINA KARAGA:(Karaga Shaktyutsava) The main Festival uthsava of Karaga is on Chaitra Poornima day, (Full moon day) the members of the Therukattuva Maneyavaru (Chariot Decoratres) decorate main seven Ankhana chariot with colourfull clothes and create a dome on top of the chariot below the Kalasha and the Veera Hanuman Photo will be affixed in front of the dome and the chariot will get ready to move before the "Karaga Shaktyutsava" sanchara starts.

The same day morning uthsava karathas and the veerakumaras assemble at 10 am near the temple and they join the Priest to the Karagada Kunte with chatra, Chamara,Dwaja,& Nadaswara, the procession will reach the Karagada kunte. After the pooja and prasada they will come back to the Temple. While coming back the sevakarthas and veerakumaras bring the greem leae branches of honge tree and make Mantapa in the temple. After reaching temple the regular pooja and regular kainkaryas will be performed. The Priest Conduct pooja of 'Bangles' & puts on the Bangles, and prepare for Vivah Shastra as the Bride, The Kula Purohita will take him to the sacred place and perform homa. The krathas will go to Priest's house and bring Mangala Dravyas & Mangalya with Bageena. It will be taken to Garbha Gruha, The kula purohita will conduct Sumanthra Vivaha to lord 'Arjuna & Godess Droupadhi' . By this the Karaga kratha priest is empowered to bear the Adhishakthi super divine power on him in the form of Karaga. The priest and the krathas perform shanthikriya to the eternal forces arround the temple area by offering Bali & proceed to the Karagada Kunte at 10 pm. The Karagada krathas will offer prayer and chant manthras and prepare prerequistists for the karaga shaktyutsava. The Devatha Kainkaryas are sacred and secret, It is observed and practised on the basis of ancient THANTRA-MANTHRA VIDAHANA OF SHAKTHA PANTHA. From there they will reach shakthi peetha and fire karpuras and offer their prayers to Kuladevatha and come back to the Temple through shakthi sthala after performin pooja and Pradakshina. The main krathas of Karaga Shaktyutsava like main Priest, Kulapurohita, Ganachari & Gante Poojari starts prepratory works at the Garbha Gruha(Sanctorium). The veerakumaras and Kulagowda go to ganachari's house to recieve Gandha & Garlands. They will come Back to the Temple & Assemble arround the chariot.

The idols of Lord Arjuna and Godess Droupadhi Devi Wiil be Brought and Placed inthe Main Chariot, during this time the main krathas who are in the GarbhaGruha (Sanctrum)engaged in avishkaras (admiring the super divine power)of Adhishakthi by chanting manthras and adequating thantras to give divine power to the Karaga Shakthi and the same is being decorated by Jasmine flowers,Chatra,Chamara,Shanku-Chakra.The Shakthi will occupy on the head of the main priest at the time when Moon reaches 90 degree to the earth.

The idols of Pancha Pandavas move from the temple towards the yathra route, then the main chariot starts moving from the temple towards east and will be parked at Halsurgate Anjaneya swamy temple circlefollowed by Muthyalamma Devi Ratha(Chariot). Soon after this the Banka Dasayya will floute Bhanka Nadha and the devotees and the veerakumaras starts chanting Govinda-Govinda and Karpoora starts burning. The Temple area fluted with Extraordinary Spiritual Power. The Manthrashakthi power races will start comming out from GarbhaGruha. Lakhs & Lakhs of eyes awaiting the Karagashakthi to come out from Garbhagruha . The enlightned Karagashakthi comes out like a Thunderlight from Garbhagruha. The Shakthi will take pradakshina of the peetashala of the temple and move out of the main temple and take darshana and aarathi of shakthi Ganapathy, Muthyalammadevi and moves towards Chariot. After taking Two Rounds of the chariot, the third round the krathas will make Gante Nadha and bring Shakthi Sanchalana on Natya. After this the karaga recieve arathu of Anjaneya Temple then moves to Nagara Pradakshina. On the wayrecieves pooja in temples and from the devotees in the old Bangalore fort area touching all corners of the city like:Kote Anjeneyaswamy Temple,then the Basavanna Temple through cottonpet from there as the traditional practice Karaga shakthi will take pooja at 'Masthansaheb Dharga' as the mark of universal brother hood. The sufees of the dargha recieve Karagashakthi with respect and honour with gandha churnas. Karagashakthi moves to Nimishamba temple from there to Annamma temple near Mejestic area and back to the yelahanka gate Anjaneya temple through kilari road & pass through Avenue road where the number of God & Godesses Rathas are parked. After taking poojas Karagashakthi move to Thigalarapet through Kumbarpet and recieve poojas in all the Veerakumaras and Chakridharas,karthas houses.The Karagashakthi reaches the temple in the early morning and give darshana to lakhs of devotees waiting near the temple. The Gante poojari with his Gantanadha and the prayer make Shakthi to Natya after which gets back into the Temple. The seva karthas of Bangalore irrespective of community are being blessed. The karaga karthas will follow the priest to the Garbhagruha and chant the shanthi manthras to bring down the karagashakthi to the peeta. After Mahamangalarathi , the veerakumaras ,chakridharas,krathas will make pradhakshina of the temple and go back to their houses. The Karaga poojari after Mahamangalarathi sit in the Prangana of the temple .The devotees recievelemon prasada till evening and the same time the morning prasada will be distributed by:DRKNACNT.

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The 10th & 11th Day

POTHARAJA GAHU: The Tenth day midnight after the pooja in the temple the poojaris and veerakumaras will take procession of Lord Arjuna, Droupadhi Ratha and Ratha and Potharaja towards Shakthisthala. The Shanthi pooja and Bharatha purana kathana & the purana of potharaja recited by Gantepoojari and his family members. The purana Kathana will go up to morning 3'oclock later the uthsava come back to the temple. The krathas along with the Bankadassayya,chakridharas team will go to Potharaja poojari house for pooja, soon after the pooja, the Gante poojari will chant manthras and ake avishkara of lord Potharaja on the Poojaris. The potharaja poojaris with the divine power rush towards the crowd, the gantepoojaricontrol them by chanting manthras and Bandarachati power and bring them to the temple. To bring down the power of potharaja the powerfull mighty god among Pandavas, the gantepoojari will chant manthras and offer a Black Goat to the Potharaja Poojaris.This is the shanthi thantra according to ancient shakthism which is in practice since its inception.Thw mangalarathi will be conducted after Gahu shanthi, by this activity of the day gets end.

"VASANTHOTHSAVA: The eleventh day is the last day of the Vratha. The krathas and the veerakumaras will assemble near the temple under the leadership of Gowda,Ganachari,Chakridharas at 4pm.As a mark of successful completion of the Karaga Shaktyutsava function the vasanthotsava will be celebrated. The ancient games of aiming target ,sometime naked eyes, sometimes closed eyes. The ladies will bring turmeric water and fill the drums kept for the purpose. The youngsters throw the turmeric water on the opposite party to disturb theirobject beating. Totally tha Vasantha uthsava ends with joy and happiness.

"The same day night 10:30pm, the uthsava of Lord Arjuna and Droupadhi will be conducted, and then the Dwaja Awarohana(descending of the flag which was raised on the first day of Karaga Shaktyutsava) will be held. Pooja will be conducted to Dwaja Dhanda(flag pole)and Mahamangalarathi will be performed. The veerakumaras will untie theirKankana and sacred threads & surrender the same to the Temple. At the asme time all the krathas and the veerakumaras under the leadership of Kulagowda and Gantepoojari take chakridharas and live them to their houses respectfully . With this the eleven days Vrathacharana of colourfull and powerfull and flowerfull 'KaragaShakthyutsava' will come to an end. The other pooja and uthsavas will continue throughout the year.

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